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Anna Bloom

It’s a fact in the Bloom household that if Anna has a book in her hand then she cannot be reached, no amount of shouting or calling is going to drag her out of the whichever fantasy world she is temporarily living in. This has been the case since as a young child Anna first fell in love with books and the worlds that they could open up.

Spending her teens reading all the classics, which she treats like her babies, always knowing where they are (heaven forbid one is not in the right place!) she has an extensive library which is one of her most important possessions. A love of all things history has added a large amount of non-fiction to the collection but when reading for pleasure, her preference is for contemporary or paranormal romance, preferably something with an edge or a hefty dash of humour, the more sarcastic the better.

Anna began her writing career only a short couple of years ago when it became clear that she had far too many imagined conversations in her head. Instead of heading off to the local psych ward she decided to start writing them down and there began her first novel The Uni Files. Anna likes to draw on real life for her inspiration and always walks around with a pad and pen just in case she sees something of interest.

Anna is also an avid yoga practitioner and practices around five times a week, she uses the sessions to empty her mind and start to brain storm what she is going to write that day. It’s a win win situation, healthy body as well as a great outlet for her creative ideas.

Anna lives in Surrey in the UK with her husband and two young children, juggling her writing with running the house, working part time at the children’s school and teaching the odd yoga lesson. She has a firm belief that if you are going to do something then you should do it properly and lives by the ethos that life is not a practice run and you should just go for it. And she has.

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