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Annette Bower

Annette Bower lives and writes stories from a high rise where she can see the immediate hustle and bustle of downtown Regina. However, toward the horizon, she can also see the changes in the grain fields throughout the Saskatchewan seasons. She attempts to include these concepts in her writing, the immediate, like a beautiful pencil drawing, and the wider world view similar to a vast landscape painting. She enjoys philosophy, a great joke.

She has many short stories published in magazines and anthologies in Canada, US, and UK. Her first electronically published novel, Moving On was published by XoXo Publishing™ in Dec. 2011. In Moving On Anna will not love Nick. She won’t risk it. But he has other plans.

In December, 2012, her second novel was published by Soul Mate Publishing. In Woman of Substance, Robbie deceived Jake for all the right reasons. She needs him to forgive her for love.

When Annette isn’t writing, she walks or bicycles around her neighborhood. She also enjoys visiting the Atlantic Ocean on Portugal’s Algarve and the Pacific Ocean on Oahu shores. While away, she observes people in their communities. She has sat in the back of a church observing strangers’ funerals or weddings. She has sat alone in coffee shops, and wondered around Disneyland on her own, always asking strangers to take her photograph. She has watched age mates sweep streets and walk on cobblestone in stilettos. Although the specifics have not found their way into a novel as of yet, the observations and feelings are described through her characters.

Annette would like to thank you for reading her biography and hopes you will relate to her heartwarming stories.

                               Woman Of Substance