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Dee Carey

Dee started writing as soon as she could form letters. Somewhat talented as an artist, her father sent her to art school, but the dream of being a writer never left her soul. She always did as convention expected, went to school, got married, and raised two children. When the children left the nest she dared to pursue her lifelong dream. With the unfailing support of her husband, she realized the dream. She writes only fantasy as she feels the need for imagination is dire in today’s troubled world. Finding the fox to be a cunning and beautiful animal, each of her Fox Tails tales features a shape shifting fox.

In Dee’s “tails” good always prevails, gore and violence are never present. She writes to make her little corner of the world a place you want to be. Cooperation and compromise make up the structure of her books.

Dee lives in Upstate NY with her dogs, youngest daughter, and youngest grandson. Her husband has passed away, but his spirit still encourages her to write. Come walk the olde ways on fox paws.

                     Crimson Vixen