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Download eBook Mobi file directly to the Kindle

Procedure to download a file directly to the Kindle after purchase from the Soul Mate Publishing website:

  1. After you have purchased your product, a "Thanks for your Order!" page should appear.
    Click on "Download the items you ordered".


  1. This purchase should be at the top of the list that appears on the next screen.
    Click on "Download Files".


  1. Connect the Kindle to the computer’s USB port.
    You should have received a USB cable when you purchased the Kindle.
  2. Click on the .mobi file to download the book to a Kindle.


  1. A pop-up menu will appear when you click on the book.
    Click on the down pointer next to the Save function.


  1. Then click on the Save As from the menu that pops up


  1. Now navigate to the "Documents" directory/folder for the Kindle on the page that pops up.
    The images below show screens from Windows 7, but the process is similar for other Windows versions.


  1. You should now end up with the Documents directory on the Kindle open and ready to receive the file.


  1. Then just click on Save to download the book file directly into the Kindle.


  1. When you disconnect the Kindle, the machine will automatically recognize the new book. The best way to disconnect the Kindle is to Eject it using the same procedure as when you eject a USB drive.