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Emelle Gamble

Emelle Gamble became a writer at an early age, at six years old she was bursting with the requisite childhood stories of introspection. This itch to tell tales evolved into bad teen poetry and tortured short works that never saw the light of day, or an editor’s red pen. She took her first stab at writing a novel in an adult education class in Mobile, Alabama when her kids were in bed for the night. As ‘M.L. Gamble,’ she published several romantic suspense novels with Harlequin.

Soul Mate Publishing has now contracted for Secret Sister, in July of 2013, and Dating Cary Grant, an early 2014 release.

Always intrigued by the words ‘what if’, Gamble’s books feature an ordinary woman confronted with an extraordinary situation. Emelle celebrates the adventurous spirit of readers, and hopes each will enjoy the exciting and surprising journeys her characters take.

Emelle lives in suburban Washington D.C. with her hero of thirty years, Philip, and two orange cats, Lucy and Bella. Like all good villains, the cats claim to have their reasons for misbehaving. Her children are happily launched on their own and are both contributing great things to society, their mother’s fondest wish.

Emelle welcomes any reader interested in emailing her at emellegamble@gmail.com and hopes they will visit her website, www.emellegamble.com and her Author Emelle Gamble FaceBook page.

                              Secret Sister