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George Robert Stephenson

 Hello. I am George R. Stephenson. I just got my first book, On The Rebound, published with Soul Mate Publishing. This is my fifth romance/adventure novel and my eleventh book overall. I’ve written a children’s novel, a collection of children’s stories, a collection of short comedies, a sci/fi parody and four episodes of The Family Guy that made it to the semi-finals in the TVWRITER.COM writing contest.

Before I became a novelist, I’ve been a glass installer, a carpenter, a hair stylist, a truck driver, and about a hundred other things. My hobbies include portrait painting and hiking. I love to travel and have lived in Alaska, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Wyoming, South Carolina, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and now Maine.

I attended the University of Alaska in Juneau and I’m just finishing up my Bachelor’s degree. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Currently I just started my latest adventure of becoming a driver’s ed instructor here in Bangor, Maine.

I hope you enjoy my unique edgy style of writing. I have lots more books left to write. Thank you.

                        On The Rebound