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Gerri Brousseau

Gerri was born and raised in Connecticut. She attended Central Connecticut State University where she majored in English Literature. Although she lived on the West Coast for several years, she relocated back to her roots and birthplace of Connecticut, where she presently resides with her two pugs, Mimi and Milo, and her cat, Louise.

As a young girl growing up in Waterbury, Gerri spent her summers writing stories and often times, together with neighboring girls her age, would present original plays for an audience of their parents. When she moved back to Connecticut, Gerri took a job that required her to commute 4 hours a day by train to and from work. After about a year and a half of reading at least a book a week, she decided to make the time work for her when one night after a strange dream about a dream catcher, she was inspired to write According To Legend. Most of the novel was written while she commuted on the train.

Lest you think all of her time is spent in contemplative pursuits, freefalling out of airplanes gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘adventure’. Yes, a former skydiver who chose to retire from the sport after one too many close calls, Gerri assures us that freefalling is totally exhilarating and one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences anyone can have. Her energy and zest for life is found in the imaginative and page-turning adventures she writes.

                       A Pirate's Ransom                    According To Legend                              To Kill A Monarch