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Kierstin Marquet

Kierstin Marquet graduated Cum Laude with a BS in criminal justice and a minor in psychology. She worked in law enforcement, but left the crime fighting to her husband, a federal law enforcement officer, when they started a family.

Kierstin considers herself married to the most wonderful man that ever lived and says their kids take after their dad in “awesomeness”. Her husband's career required overseas assignments so she has a lot of experience creatively stuffing things into boxes—some people call it packing. Once overseas, they had fun seeking out strange new places to explore, new cultures to investigate, and places to get lost in. Kierstin has lived in Germany and the Middle East and visited thirteen countries. She and her family are excited to go to more exotic places in the coming years. Aside from hanging out with her family and having Nerf gun or laser tag battles with them, she loves writing, target shooting, hiking, camping, traveling, scrapbooking, sign language, and book research. That’s right, research! (Her husband says there’s probably a medication for that.)

Kierstin won 1st Place in the Suspense category at the LDStorymaker’s First Chapter Contest and then Soul Mate Publishing offered a contract on her debut novel, Three Reluctant Promises.

Three Reluctant Promises is the first book in the Mason Jar Series, which was inspired by Kierstin’s unique experiences growing up as a police officer’s daughter. Experiences like getting pulled over with lights (thankfully no siren) in the church parking lot for trying to leave early, and going to process crime scenes in her nightgown. Okay, Kierstin admits she was too young to understand why she got to sleep in the back of the first Mobile Crime Lab in the state of Utah, while her dad processed crime scenes. These interesting interactions created a love of sleuthing that found an exciting outlet in the form of storytelling.

Her favorite genres are: clean romantic suspense, young adult, and fantasy. You can find her blog and excerpts from her latest novel at kierstinmarquet.blogspot.com. She’s always delighted to hear from anyone who shares a passion for reading and writing at kierstinmarquet@gmail.com. Crazy as it sounds, Kierstin also turns herself inside out to return messages, but please be patient, she can’t always respond right away.     

                     Three Reluctant Promises