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LaNora Mangano

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and sister, active in volunteering, a writer and a friend.  Not necessarily in that order.  I was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, Illinois during my early years then moved to the suburbs and lived there until my husband and our children relocated to central Indiana.  I’ve been exposed to many personality types and several interesting situations.  All of which provided opportunities to create heroes, heroines, villains and fictional towns to place my creations.

I started reading romance novels in high school when a friend introduced me to a Harlequin book. I thought  it was so refreshing that I bought another one, then another one and read them every spare moment I had. This was also around the time I developed a passion to write my own stories and I’ve been writing ever since.

I began writing romantic suspense.  Half of my novels are part of a 3-5 book series.  I’ve written several contemporaries and I wrote my first paranormal that was contracted in 2013 and will be published in August 2014.

I have way too much fun creating people and building situations for them and that has lead me to accomplishing my true goal.  Publishing.

If you have aspirations of publishing a book, I encourage you to take steps towards making that happen.  A great start is to look up your local Romance Writers of America (RWA) chapter and attend a couple of meetings to see if it's for you.  This organization has helped me to learn not only the business of writing but the craft as well.  My critique partners are also great and I couldn't have done this with out them.  Thank you guys!

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