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Leigh Hann

Born in South Africa. Traveled across the country, but in the end I always turn back to the beautiful city of Cape Town. At night I humor my children and go on about how I was some kind of fish in my previous life. I absolutely love the ocean.

I’ve always been ‘the quiet one’ among family and friends. I choose to put my words upon paper. Through life experiences and observation I build my stories around any genre I feel fit at the time and hope to touch the hearts of humankind in some way.

My husband has made me grow on so many levels possible. He knew my heart’s true desire and in 2008 he encouraged and pushed me to make it reality. I’ve done a writing course through Writers Bureau of London and an active member of Romance Authors of South Africa.

I don’t have any fancy degrees or years of writing experience, but I live life and live in each moment to make it count. Out of that there are many stories to be told. Someone once told me: “Some are good with the spoken word; others are great with the written word.”

                    The Beauty Of Freedom