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Lilas Taha

Lilas Taha is a writer at heart, an electrical engineer by training, and a domestic abuse victim’s advocate by choice. She was born in Kuwait to a Syrian mother and a Palestinian father, and immigrated to the U.S. as a result of the Gulf War in 1990. She earned a master’s degree in Human Factors Engineering from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. There, Lilas met her beloved husband and true friend, and moved with him to Sugar Land, Texas, to establish a family. She is the proud mother of a daughter and a son. Instead of working in an industrial field, she applied herself to the field of social safety, working with victims of domestic abuse.

Pursuing her true passion for creative writing, Lilas brings her professional interest and her Middle Eastern background together in her debut fictional novel, Shadows of Damascus. She blogs her thoughts and samples of her writing on http://lilastaha.blogspot.com and tweets @LilasTaha

                    Shadows of Damascus