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Patti Shenberger

Patti has been writing since she could hold a pen to paper and even before then. Her writing career started with magazine length articles and quickly moved into short stories, then novellas and now novels. Creating a book that readers will fall in love with is her main goal. And if it has that little extra special hook at the end, then so be it.

Married for over thirty years, Patti resides in Michigan with her hubby and two grown kids (plus a son-in-law and brand new daughter-in-law), and her four-legged fur babies. When not writing, she can be found reading, traveling, or hanging out with family and friends. Her taste in books runs the gamut from romance to memoir, cooking to saving money. If it has a title, she'll read it!

For more about Patti, please visit her website at www.pattishenberger.com or visit her on Facebook or Twitter.

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