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Raven Raye

Raven Raye was born to an Air Force family and so moved around a lot. She was born in Kansas, but spent her formative years in England where she developed a love of rain and gray skies. She embraced the mythos of the Fey and all things magickal. She even spent time associating with gypsies at the local markets learning palm reading and tarot.

Moving back to the USA was almost culture shock. Her worlds of magick and witchcraft were shunned by most, so of course she embraced them further, making them her own. She began to write dark poetry, delving deep into untapped emotion and pouring it onto the page. She had three of these poems published. When she discovered Wicca, she knew she’d finally found an emotional ‘home’.

She now lives in North Houston with her husband of 28 years where she works as a Radiation Therapist, further embracing the spectre of death. She writes technical articles for continuing education for Radiation Therapist, a professional journal. Her son is grown and on his own. Her daughter is progressing through a Nursing program and looks forward to being on her own.

Raven still crawls into that deep well of emotion, looking for new ways to describe what she sees and hears in her mind and in her dreams.

                    Broken Prophecy