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Rhonda Frankhouser

Rhonda Frankhouser discovered she had a knack for storytelling after she was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. To avoid dwelling on her own mortality, she sat down with pen and paper. Words and characters poured out of her from some hidden talented place inside her soul. She discovered that writing was not only cathartic and healing, but a necessary function of her sanity moving forward.

Rhonda lives in central California with her KISA, (Knight in Shining Armor), their beautiful and talented daughters, and two mischievous pug puppies, Geddy and Ruby. When she’s not writing, she supports hospice patients as a volunteer coordinator, plays golf with her husband, or reads the latest masterpiece from one of her favorite authors.

She is a member of the RWA – PAN community and the local chapter, Yosemite Romance Writers.

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