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Rikki Sharp

Having worked in publishing as an artist and a designer for most of her adult life, Rikki has also been writing constantly in numerous genres in her spare time. As romance always seems to appear in no matter what she is writing, the girls of the Ladies’ Paranormal and Adventure Club have been developing quietly over a number of years in other short stories.

Born in Yorkshire in the north of England, the author moved down to Manchester in her teens to attend art-college – and never left. She is a born storyteller in whatever media suits that particular tale and now that her family is grown, she is enjoying a renaissance of combining her writing with her graphic design and art.

"I think in a work of fiction, the story and the characters are of more interest to the reader than the humble author. So my website is occupied and run by the Supernatural ladies themselves and the world in which they live."

For more about the Club, and excepts of other writings and short stories, follow the characters on their website.

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