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Terri Patrick

Terri Patrick had a dream to read, write, and play house. Then she learned houses needed cleaning, her daughters had their own dreams, her husband was always initiating another adventure or project, and there were lots of interesting careers and businesses to try.

Professionally, Terri has worked with engineers, bankers, lawyers, truck drivers, journalists, and chiropractors. Family adventures have included a variety of watercraft, motor sports, and personal aircraft. She’s also cared for dogs, cats, ducks, birds, fish, a bunny, and a horse.

Her favorite activities include kayaks, and bikes. She now lives the dream of reading, writing, and playing house with her grandchildren, during the rainy seasons in Oregon. When the sun shines, she’s playing outside, usually near a lake or river.

Find out more about Terri at: www.terripatrickbooks.com

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